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Buy antipreg kit or any abortion pills online. Antipreg kit is a medicine used to end a pregnancy. antipreg is a combination of two drugs, mifepristone, and misoprostol. Antipreg kits are up to 98% effective if taken in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

anitpreg is swallowed with a glass of water. mifepristone block progesterone which causes the lining of the uterus to break down. Some people have light bleeding but most don’t feel anything. Buy antipreg or mifepristone at this pharmacy.

Misoprostol is taken one to two days later by placing two tablets in each cheek pouch for 30 minutes. Misoprostol causes the cervix to open and the uterus to contract. Heaving bleeding starts within three hours. May include leman-sized clots and should only last a few hours. Buy antipreg kit or misoprostol at this pharmacy.

The pregnancy is usually expelled within 24 hours. Antipreg kit can cause diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, tiredness, and fever for 24 hours. Buy antipreg kit and enjoy free online support.

Useful over-the-counter treatments include loperamide for diarrhea and diamond hydrate for nausea. Expect strong and painful cramps which can be managed with naproxen ibuprofen or prescription opioid. Buy antipreg kit here and enjoy online guiding.

Antipreg kit is not an option when a person has one of the following:

  •  uncertainty about having an abortion,
  • an ectopic pregnancy,
  • uncontrolled asthma,
  • a bleeding disorder or blood thinners, 
  • an allergy to mifepristone or misoprostol.
 Surgical abortion may be preferred in some of these cases. Buy antipreg kit here and get free telemedicine.

buy Antipreg Kit: how is work?

antipreg kit is a combination of two drugs. The leading pill is mifepristone, which can be taken orally with water, while Misoprostol is a secondary tablet that can be taken orally or vaginally. Buy antipreg kit, mifepristone, or misoprostol at this pharmacy.

Progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, is neutralized by Mifepristone. It widens the cervix, preventing pregnancy components from growing. As a result, the fetus separates from the ruptured uterine lining. Buy antipreg kit or mifepristone at a lower price here.

After the Mifepristone pill, the second tablet is misoprostol. It is set at 800 mcg (200 mcg each of four drugs). Place these tablets under your tongue. They are not recommended to be eaten, crushed, or broken. It can be swallowed without water after 30 minutes and only when it melts beneath the tongue. Buy antipreg kit or misoprostol at a lower price here.

Antipreg kit is a prostaglandin analog that causes contractions in the womb. When the uterus contracts, it tries to force the pregnancy or reveal it. For a few hours or days, women experience heavy bleeding and cramping.

Antipreg kit is a comprehensive set of medications that can be used to terminate a pregnancy successfully. The oral approach is the most effective method for non-surgically terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, the oral approach is simple to prepare at home and has no risks. Buy antipreg kit on this site allow you free online consultation.


Antipreg Kit warnings?

Antipreg Kit Tablet belongs to a group of gynecological medications called ‘Abortifacient’ used for the medical termination of the pregnancy before 63 days after the first day of the last menses period. Antipreg Kit Tablet also works in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Antipreg Kit Tablet contains two medicines, namely: Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone is an anti-hormone (anti-progestogen) that acts by blocking the effects of the progesterone hormone required in women to continue the pregnancy. On the other hand, Misoprostol is a prostaglandin that increases the womb’s (uterus) contraction and dilates the cervix, thereby expelling the pregnancy. Thus, Antipreg Kit Tablet together cause termination of pregnancy and must be used one after the other for medical abortion.

A medical abortion generally involves 2-3 visits to a doctor or clinic, which includes giving medicines and then confirmation of termination of pregnancy. Following are the schedule involved in medical abortion:

  • Day 1: Medical counseling and examination where doctor instructs to take 1 tablet of mifepristone (200 mcg)
  • Day 2 to 3: You must return to the hospital/clinic 36 to 48 hours after taking the first dose of mifepristone. Your doctor will tell you about this. The tablet of misoprostol (800 mcg) will be now given either orally or vaginally.
  • Day 7 to 14: The doctor will confirm and make sure whether the medical abortion has been completed or not. If the abortion is not complete, you might require more follow-up visits.

You may experience nausea, uterine cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, infection following abortion, dizziness, and uterine bleeding in some cases. Most of these side effects of Antipreg Kit Tablet subside with time. But if vaginal bleeding does not stop, please visit the doctor immediately, as it requires immediate medical attention.

Antipreg Kit Tablet should not be stopped abruptly without consulting the doctor as it may lead to incomplete abortion. Inform your doctor before starting Antipreg Kit Tablet if you have or ever had an ectopic pregnancy (when the womb grows in the fallopian tube), using an intrauterine device, or if you are breastfeeding, have any bleeding disorder, or heart problem. Do not do strenuous activities like running, heavy exercise, or driving to avoid excessive bleeding. The doctor will also check with ultrasound if the absorption is complete as no bleeding does not mean that abortion is complete.

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