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Buy mife 200 or another abortion pill online. For patients interested in a medical abortion, the first drug given is mifepristone (mife 200). Mife 200 is a progesterone receptor antagonist.

Progesterone receptor antagonist plays an essential role in early pregnancy. It prepares the uterine wall for implantation supporting the developing embryo. Progesterone works in two mains ways:

  • It first promotes the growth of decuida. The inner lining of the uterus into which the embryo implants.  
  • second, it calms the myometrium or the uterine muscle to keep it from expelling the growing pregnancy prematurely.

mife 200 when administrated in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy blocks the action of progesterone. That is needed to maintain a pregnancy in several ways. Buy mife 200 on this online pharmacy.



mife 200 causes decidual necrosis which leads to detachment of the pregnancy. Mife 200 acts on the endometrial vessels to disrupt the pregnancy’s blood supply. Mife 200 promotes uterine contractions by increasing the excitability of myometrial cells and their sensitivity to exogenous prostaglandins. Mife 200 increases the local release of prostaglandins. and lastly, mife 200 stimulates nitric oxide released in the cervix causing cervical ripening. Buy mife 200 here without a prescription.

Misoprostol is usually taken 24 to 48 hours after mife 200. Like all prostaglandins, misoprostol causes the cervix to open and the uterus to contract. Leading to the expulsion of the pregnancy. Buy mife 200 or misoprostol at this pharmacy.



buy mife 200: warnings


The drug is taken orally in the presence of doctors or medical staff. Or buy mife 200 here and enjoy free online follow-up.

Termination of pregnancy development in the uterus until the end of 9 weeks and from the week 9th to the end of 12 weeks:
Pregnancy to the end of 63 days:

  • Use mife 200 mg.
  • After using mife 200 from 24 to 48 hours, sublingually or on the cheeks 800 mcg misoprostol at a health facility or home depending on your gestational age and your expectation.
  • From the 8th week of gestation to the end of 9 weeks should use misoprostol and follow-up miscarriage at the medical facilities.
  • Doctors will choose the right time to use misoprostol. Buy mife 200 and know the right time to use misoprostol for free.

Pregnancy from 64 to the end of 84 days:

  • Use mife 200 mg.
  • After taking mife 200  from 24 to 48 hours, place the 800 mcg misoprostol vaginal delivery bag at the facility.
  • After every 3 hours, take 400 mcg misoprostol sublingually, a maximum of 4 doses until complete the miscarriage is.
  • If after 3 hours of the 5th misoprostol dose is not a miscarriage, continue taking mife 200. You need to rest for 9 – 11 hours, repeat the dose of misoprostol as above until miscarriage. Buy mife 200 to end pregnancy from 64 to 84 days and enjoy free online support.
  • If after 2 regiments are still no miscarriage, the doctor will switch to another method.

Termination of pregnancy development in the uterus from the 13th week to the end of 22 weeks:
Gestation age from 13 to the end of 18 weeks:

  • Use 200 mg of mifepristone.
  • After 24 – 48 hours, place the 800 mcg misoprostol vaginal delivery bag. After every 3 hours, take 400 mcg misoprostol sublingually or on the cheeks until miscarriage. 
  • If after taking 5 doses of misoprostol without miscarriage. The next day, take 5 doses of 400 mcg misoprostol every 3 hours sublingually or on the cheeks until miscarriage.
  • If no miscarriage, follow misoprostol on the 3rd day according to the above regimen. After 3 days of no absorption, use another method. Buy mife 200 to end pregnancy from 13th to 22 weeks and enjoy free online support.

Promote labor in case of stillbirth:
Take the dose with 600 mg mifepristone daily for 2 days.
In all cases, the use of mifepristone requires measures to prevent the sensitive Rh factor (if negative Rh) and general measures during the termination of pregnancy. You can get pregnant again after the termination of pregnancy is complete. Because some effects of mifepristone may still occur, therefore it is recommended to avoid re-pregnancy before the next menstrual period after using Mife 200.

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